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Jason Aldean Tour 2016 – The Country Never Stops!

It looks like one of countries most recognizable singers is about to embark on an all new concert series. The brand-new Jason Aldean tour 2016 already has a bunch of shows on the schedule and you can purchase tickets anytime. Because this year’s tour went so well, he went ahead and decided to continue playing shows all the way throughout next year. So far you’ll be able to see him in Australia and also in the USA. By picking up seats while the shows are still a ways out you have the best chance to get great prices on tickets. That’s a great reason to get your seats as soon as you can.

For these upcoming shows he is going to be bringing along a pair of opening performers. The first of which is country sensation Thomas Rett. The second group coming along with Jason is called 1000 horses. The first show that these guys are going to be playing will be taking place in January in the state of Illinois. That’s the first chance that he’ll have to see the we were here concert. The final date scheduled as of right now will be happening at the country jam USA Festival that happens in July. That means that you have quite a long time to see this country singer do his thing.

As mentioned previously the starting date will take place in Illinois. There will be several other dates in Illinois like the two scheduled for January 16 and January 17 in Bloomington. A bit later he is going to head over to the middle of the USA towards North Dakota and South Dakota to play some concerts over there. These shows will be happening in Bismarck in Sioux Falls. The Eastern states are not going to be left out so don’t worry. In February he will be going to cities like Columbia, Oklahoma City, Manchester, and Atlantic City. After that he is going to be heading over to Australia in March. Cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and Willow Bank are all going to get performances.

Not only are there going to be many performances happening in the new year, it looks like we will also be treated to some new music from Jason. He certainly has a quite busy year ahead of them. His most recent studio album was old boots, new dirt. Thankfully he is already back in the studio putting in work on a yet untitled brand-new studio album. They have already been in the studio working on it, and if everything goes smoothly, they will have a fit single out around the spring or at latest the summertime of next year.

He hasn’t let anyone here a new music yet, but he has released some details as to what sort of sound the new CD is going to have. Apparently the upcoming tracks are going to focus more on rock than what we saw on old boots new dirt. In the eyes of Jason and his entourage that was one thing that was severely lacking from his most recent studio release. Those fans who are thirsty for some rock style country are definitely going to have their desires quenched when this brand-new album drops.

This means that not only will we get a brand-new Jason Aldean tour 2016, we are also going to get to see brand-new music performed on stage for the first time in the history of his career. This is a historic event. You’ll be one of the few that get to say that you saw tracks from his all new album performed live on stage. So why not purchase your tickets soon? He will be visiting a city near you shortly and you can enjoy all of those old Jason hits as well as brand-new songs that no one has even heard yet!