There are so many legends who are having a successful story in their field of business which makes the inspiration for so many young entrepreneurs. In that way, the industry of food and cuisine is one of the industries where people are having the interest to find it. There are some people who are having a good expertise in the field of cooking. In that way, you are going to see about Damian Mandola, who is the most famous chef with the years of experience in the field of managing restaurants. This article gives you the entire things about the Damian Mandola and his interest in food industry.

Early days of Damian Mandola

Damian Mandola has found so many restaurants and has increased years of experience in maintaining them. In that way, Carrabba’s Italian restaurant was founded by Damian Mandola in Houston in 1986. In fact, he founded this restaurant with his nephew Johnny Carrabba. Of course, both these two chefs are having an extensive range of experience in these successful restaurant families.

Mandola’s childhood was in Houston and he completed his school in St. Thomas high school. After that, he had graduated from the Sam Houston State University. In fact, Damian and his wife Trina have two kids, who named Nino and Ava Grace.

In fact, Mandola is having the interest in cooking, since he was a kid. His mother, Grace taught him the fundamentals of the Italian cooking at his young age.  So, this makes him as the inspiration and therefore, he chose his career in the industry of food and cuisine.

Restaurant and the way of handling

At first, Damian had started the Cucina Italiana restaurant in 1984 as a final year college student. As it becomes the successive story, this makes him to open some more restaurants. Now, Cucina Italiana is now celebrating their 22nd anniversary year.

Typically, family is the main integral part of the Damian’s cooking style and therefore, he adds the touches of his style to prepare the dishes as the family of people love. Along with his style, the environment of cooking, atmosphere of fun and friendship are deciding the taste of the food items.

So, if you want to know more details about Damian Mandola, there are a large number of online sites available to help you.  The sites that are now available over the internet that are giving the details about Mandola and therefore, you can access such things to know about him.