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Urban hotels are no longer like they were… They’re even better. Now, staying at a 4 star establishment in big cities like Seville, Valencia, Madrid, Bilbao or Barcelona is like entering into a place where everything is cloaked in perfection and where you feel you could stay forever. The competition that exists in this industry has made hotels completely change their services and, in that, the experiences they provide. This is so evident that, a lot of the time, the actual hotel is the main reason for taking a trip to one of these cities.


Computers with Wi-Fi in the rooms, courtesy iPad, free bike hire to explore the city, 24 hour personalised service, special breakfasts’ inspired by the typical ingredients of the destination, events held at the hotel, contemporary-decorated rooms, terraces with panoramic views and cosmopolitan bars. Urban hotels are now the most-talked-about establishments in the tourism sector of Spain.


Spain has always been a strong name in beach holidays (references leading all the way to the Caribbean) and now it can assume the position of reference in the hotel industry for city breaks. Spain has succeeded in doing this through the state-of-the-art design of its hotels, refurbishment of historical and emblematic buildings found all over the city and services that are becoming more and more specialised with every passing year. These hotels are a symbolic example for the rest of the world to follow.


Hotel chains like NH, Melià (with their ME collection) or Barceló are some of the most popular in this sense. However, new chains like Petit Palace Hotels and Catalonia have taken big steps to become a model of inspiration for other hotel chains in Europe.




These are hotels built on historical monuments, in privileged zones to conserve their original charm whilst also implementing cutting edge technology.


Let’s take these small chains as an example; for the effort they’ve put in in terms of investment and the carefully-devised plans they have made; with respect to larger chains. Petit Palace is one that has been one of the most successful in the least amount of time. After having started in the Basque country, it now has hotels all over Spain, counting for all the major Spanish cities like: Seville, Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Malaga.


Petit Palace was established in 2001 and now counts for 33 urban hotels with their key characteristics being:

  • Privileged location in the historic and financial districts of big cities.
  • Antique buildings with patrimonial value that have been restored to conserve their charm and then adapted to the new requirements of guests.
  • The implementation of cutting-edge technology for the leisure and comfort of guests.
  • Spaces especially designed for guests.
  • Simple but selective dining in practically all establishments.
  • Spacious and functional rooms with unique design for groups and families.
  • An average of 65 rooms to offer personalised service in all aspects.



One aspect most valued by guests, at hotels that stand out like Hotel Petit Palace Triball in Madrid; or Petit Palace Boquería Garden in the Ramblas of Barcelona, is the availability of technology. All hotels offer rooms equipped with technology where guests can access the internet when needed, work or organise excursions with all the information they need only a few clicks away. Some hotels also offer Wi-Fi to go so that, when guests leave the hotel, they still remain connected to the internet without having to use their own data.


Clean, comfortable, exquisite design in all communal spaces, versatility in all aspects of dining and personal service are all pros that make these hotels unique. This is the reason why there’s a strong probability that we are here to stay and will be imitated by others.


To book a stay at a reduced price, as hotel chains, we recommend you do this directly on the official website of the hotels. By doing this you’ll avoid the surcharge that third parties add on and you’ll profit from better prices for hotels that never sway from the 4 star sphere. In the case of Petit Palace Hotels, we also offer special discounts and exclusive offers with breakfast included which is only available when booking on our official website. With regards to this, if you go to Madrid, we offer:  Hotel Petit Palace Triball or if you prefer Barcelona we offer: Hotel Petit Palace Boquería which are the ones with the best deals and discounts right now.


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There are so many legends who are having a successful story in their field of business which makes the inspiration for so many young entrepreneurs. In that way, the industry of food and cuisine is one of the industries where people are having the interest to find it. There are some people who are having a good expertise in the field of cooking. In that way, you are going to see about Damian Mandola, who is the most famous chef with the years of experience in the field of managing restaurants. This article gives you the entire things about the Damian Mandola and his interest in food industry.

Early days of Damian Mandola

Damian Mandola has found so many restaurants and has increased years of experience in maintaining them. In that way, Carrabba’s Italian restaurant was founded by Damian Mandola in Houston in 1986. In fact, he founded this restaurant with his nephew Johnny Carrabba. Of course, both these two chefs are having an extensive range of experience in these successful restaurant families.

Mandola’s childhood was in Houston and he completed his school in St. Thomas high school. After that, he had graduated from the Sam Houston State University. In fact, Damian and his wife Trina have two kids, who named Nino and Ava Grace.

In fact, Mandola is having the interest in cooking, since he was a kid. His mother, Grace taught him the fundamentals of the Italian cooking at his young age.  So, this makes him as the inspiration and therefore, he chose his career in the industry of food and cuisine.

Restaurant and the way of handling

At first, Damian had started the Cucina Italiana restaurant in 1984 as a final year college student. As it becomes the successive story, this makes him to open some more restaurants. Now, Cucina Italiana is now celebrating their 22nd anniversary year.

Typically, family is the main integral part of the Damian’s cooking style and therefore, he adds the touches of his style to prepare the dishes as the family of people love. Along with his style, the environment of cooking, atmosphere of fun and friendship are deciding the taste of the food items.

So, if you want to know more details about Damian Mandola, there are a large number of online sites available to help you.  The sites that are now available over the internet that are giving the details about Mandola and therefore, you can access such things to know about him.